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Analysis Of The Book The Principle - 977 Words

Selected lithograph Paper (Edited) The â€Å"The Principle† was lithographed in 1918 by the artist named â€Å"Oskar Kokoschka†. The Principle is a stationary, bust sculpture like lithograph that depicts a sad laughing clown. The lithograph seems like it takes place in a large bare room with the clown bust gazing up and to the right of the room as if is pondering or thinking and has been for a very long time which gives the bust like lithography life. The Principle, was published in 1919 on cream, smooth, Japanese woven paper. Was published by Verlag Gustav Kiepenheuer from Berlin with the theme of death and war with political. The art work has blood splatter all over it, especially from the mouth the meaning is war with the clown face showing some type of comic sadness, and sadness is the heart of all comedy. He was friends with a sculptor and critic named Adolf Loos, which influenced Oskar to turn away from many of his old ways of decorative ideas and move on an expressive style of painting. 1910 he was in contact with many expressionist circles in Berlin, one specifically was Herwarth Walden who pushed and spread his work out to many others. Oskar was in the Great War, he volunteered for the Austrian Army when the war started, but was heavily wounded in 1915 and left the army. From 1916 to 1931 a fellow named Paul Cassirer who supported and showed many of Oskar works of art in his gallery and published many of his works, during this time Oskar had moved to Dresden in 1917 andShow MoreRelatedA Research On Malcolm Knowles1589 Words   |  7 Pagesrefuses his claims, but only support them with additional arguments. Knowles model claimed that there were four critical anagogical assumptions of adult learning, which differs from the assumptions of pedagogy (New Orleans 2004). Andragogy Principle Principle 1 The need to know: Adults need to know why they are required to learn something before being motivated to learn it (Burns 1995, p 235). Adults will invest considerable energy into probing the benefits of studying a topic and then go into itRead More Verbal Behavior Essay834 Words   |  4 PagesSkinners book â€Å"Verbal Behavior,† first published in 1957, presented his ideas about the influence of language can be used in the framework for behavioral research and analysis. The main argument presented by Skinner was that verbal behavior was different than other forms of behavior and deserved to be separated in a distinctive category, and Skinner considered language development as the result of mediation of other people while nonverbal behavior was enforced through the physical environment. SkinnerRead MoreThe Inequality Trap : Fighting Capitalism Instead Of Poverty1486 Words   |  6 Pagesindividuals around the globe looking for ways to improve our society and tho se who are merely making suggestions on how to improve it. Published in 2015, William Watson’s book The Inequality Trap: Fighting Capitalism Instead of Poverty is full of analysis and suggestion on what humanity can do to create a more equal society. The book glides through a series of arguments that attempt to conclude that the issues of inequality in our society are brought about by capitalist venture and excessive wealthRead MoreThe Book Successful Women Think Differently Essay987 Words   |  4 PagesAnalysis on the book Successful Women Think Differently The book Successful Women Think Differently by Valorie Burton reveals the thought process of how successful women think and how to maintain empowerment through adversity. Burton expresses how to cultivate relationships as well as communicating effectively through thinking with a sense of purpose and distinction. In the book Successful Women Think Differently, Burton wants readers to learn nine habits and seven key principles to cultivateRead MoreAn Economists Response to the Alcohol Problem1005 Words   |  4 Pagesthe costs associated to consumption or production of a commodity that would otherwise not be ADDIN EN.CITE Mullahy199028282817Mullahy, J.,Sindelar, J.An ounce of prevention: Productive remedies for alcoholismJournal of Policy Analysis and ManagementJournal of Policy Analysis and Management249-253921990. An economist will look at the cost of care incurred by the immediate family members, the likely cost of job loss, the cost of Medicare to the alcoholic, the likely road accidents associated with drunkenRead MoreAnalysis Of The Book Justices : What Is The Right Thing Essay1540 Words   |  7 PagesWhat is justice? In real life, we all look forward to fairness, and do things according to its fairness, but most of us do not have a profound understanding of justice. In the book Justices: What Is The Right Thing To Do? Michael J. Sandel searches and explores the meaning of justices, and he invites all the readers to discuss about many controversies that raised in today’s society. Sandel exams major approaches to define justices from utilitarianism, libertarianism to freedom, and he believes thatRead MoreThe Ethical Issue Of Tina1230 Words   |  5 Pages fake recommendation for books, and there is very little use of knowledge and the tasks are done for the sake of tasks. First, Tina should analyze and decide the perspective of the situation. In a simple and theoretical way, the situation may be considered in a legal perspective as well. Howev er, the case snapshot states that it is more of an ethical situation and this perspective should be prevailed in deciding the response. Identification of principles: The principles are always clean when theyRead MoreAn Integrated Approach to Business Studies by Bruce R. Jewell1757 Words   |  7 PagesBook review: Principles of Management Book: An Integrated Approach to Business Studies, 4th Edition Author: Bruce R Jewell Management is a process of attaining organisational goals in a efficient and effective manner by planning, organising, leading and controlling organisational resources. This book seeks to clarify that everyone is a manager regardless of the specified job or function being undertaken. Therefore the book divided the organisation into its main functions typical of every firm, thatRead MoreThe Fall Of Major Telecommunications Company Onetel And Enron1319 Words   |  6 Pagescompanies, dominating the competition that they faced although - everything changed. Both of these companies operated in the same era, coincedently both suffering financial collapse. The reasons were mainly because of failure to follow major accounting principles, lacking morals and lacking strong work ethics. If even a major corporation can fall into this â€Å"trap†, then avoiding doesn’t sound easy, although accountants can easily avoid scandals by following a precise set of given rules and ethics. OneTelRead MoreFinancial Collapse : The And Enron1320 Words   |  6 Pagesdominating the competition that they faced although - everything changed. Both of these companies operated in the same era, coincedently both suffering financial collapse. The reasons were mainly because of the failure to follow major accounting principles, lacking morals and lacking strong work ethics. If even a major corporation can fall into this â€Å"trap†, then avoiding doesn’t sound easy, although accountants can easily avoid scandals by following a precise set of given rules and ethics. OneTel

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Henrik Isbens A Doll’s House and Frederico Garcias The...

Henrik Isbens A Doll’s House and Frederico Garcias The House of Bernarda Alba The House of Bernarda Alba and A Dolls House, by Frederico Garcia Lorca and Henrik Ibsen respectively, are two similar plays written at different times. In 1964, Fredericos The House of Bernarda Alba debuted in Madrid Spain, thirty-one years after its birth in 1933. It pioneered the style of surrealistic imagery, popular folklore and was written in prose. A Dolls House was published in 1879 and appeared on stage that year in Copenhagen. Originally written in Dano-Norwegian known as Riksmal, its read in translation almost exclusively. It was released with a cast of male and female performers, in opposition to The House of Bernarda Alba with only female†¦show more content†¦Ã¢â‚¬Å"†¦History repeats itself† (Garcia Lorca 169) was said in a comparison between Adela’s mother and grandmother. In the play, A Doll’s House, Torvald allows his pride to come between him and his wife, causing a deceitful marriage. Torvald once said â€Å"†¦happiness is not the question; all that concerns us is to save the remains, the fragments, the appearance—† (Ibsen 63). Central to both plays, pride is seen almost as a character. It sometimes holds characters back, while others it thrusts stumbling forward. Always, however, its impact can be felt and its imprint can be seen. The dominant characters in both plays are rulers of their domain. Bernarda self-righteously rules her household emphasizing pride and status. Even when her maid Poncia has valid opinions, she does not listen. â€Å"†¦. Work and keep your mouth shut. The duty of all who work for a living† (Garcia Lorca 192). Bernarda rules quick and harsh, as she wants to be a decisive ruler with no guidance. However, Torvald is the ruler of a much smaller household. He wants his house to be a place of discipline, order, and respect. As with Bernarda, dominance is based on pride. This is revealed when he said, â€Å"I would gladly work night and day for you†¦But no man would sacrifice his honor for the one he loves† (Ibsen 70)† Torvald is more concerned with â€Å"honor† that others hold in him than his own wife’s happiness. In addition to causing the dominating nature in the

A Critical Review of Qualitative Interviews Business and Social Scie

Question: Describe about A Critical Review of Qualitative Interviews for Recruitment and Selection in Business? Answer: Ways of completing selecting checklist criteria Four basic steps need to be addressed for completing selecting checklist criteria: Collect information- It is necessary to collect necessary material such as position description, skills required and any further questions (Enelow and Goldman 2015). Identify each criterion- Every criterion must be distinctively broken into parts such as communication skills, ability to work in a group and negotiation skills. Brainstorm examples- Equal attention must be given to all parts with examples for completing the checklist. Revise and define- After brainstorming, required revisions may be done so that a variety of examples and experiences can be reflected. It is necessary to follow the above guidelines as it is critical to developing an effective statement. These ways help in focusing what is exactly offered in the job. Examples help in backing up every statement (Enelow and Goldman 2015). The STAR format can be used for conducting an interview that stands for Situation, Task, Action and Result. The questions shall be developed for knowing the situation experienced by the candidate that was challenging. The interviewer shall also look for the tasks performed for conquering the situation. The actions undertaken considering the alternatives shall be looked for in the process. Finally, the results of the actions undertaken and the reasons for developing shall be determined (Enelow and Goldman 2015). Application Pack Application Form Position Applied for: Surname: First name: References: Application Letter The Headmaster QE School UK 5th Feb 2016 Respected Sir, Re: Job Vacancy I learnt about the job position vacancy for a teacher through your official website, and I am keen on putting my name forward for it. As the current teacher at Xyz School, I have been successful in creating a dynamic environment for the students. As per the requirement criteria of holding a B.Ed. Degree and an experience of at least three years, I consider myself eligible for the job. I am punctual in my teaching institute and have been awarded as the best teacher of my session. Kindly grant me the job. All the necessary documents are stated for your reference (Druhot 2011). Yours sincerely, Abc Planning Interview Questions Interview Questions Reasoning and Explanation What would I hear and see if I walked into your classroom in the midst of an interesting lesson? This question helps in analysis the level of enthusiasm, behaviour and engagement created by the candidate for pupils. Why do we teach in schools? This question helps in reflecting upon basic causes such as economic needs, personal interests, increasing literacy and various others. Can you tell me a situation or strategy you have developed in the past for engaging a group of pupils? This helps in determining the effectiveness and initiatives of candidate for his pupils. What are the key qualities and skills that students look for in teachers? This question helps in analysing the basic behaviour of candidate in class such as confidence, sense of humour and tolerance level. How do you evaluate success? This question provides insight into a point or condition when the candidate considers his work successful through the pupils result or completion of his lessons. Source: (Ratcliffe 2014) Room Plan The interview shall be placed in a private room that experiences the least noise and other disturbances. The applicants should be provided with pens/ pencils, paper and water for the interview. The candidate shall be asked to take notes during the interview. The interview room and facilities must be feasible for candidates with disabilities. All the candidates will be allotted the same duration of interview time. The candidates already appeared for interview must not be allowed to communicate with the people waiting to be interviewed (Williams 2012). There would be three people on the panel out of which one person who would be panel co-ordinator, and the other two would be responsible for asking questions to the candidates. The panel coordinator would welcome the candidates and introduce every panel member. The coordinator would also thank the candidate for arriving at the interview (Williams 2012). The second-panel member would describe the organizational characteristics so that candidates are thorough with the structure. The interview process shall be explained in a standardized way. Any questions that the candidate might have must be asked before the interview (Williams 2012). The questions would be asked by second and third-panel member turn-wise. Continuous notes must be made by each panel member independently. The third member shall conclude the interview by providing a clear signal to the end. The applicant must be given an opportunity to ask questions. The approximate time and process shall be explained to the candidate. The notes from applicant must be collected before the candidate leaves the room (Williams 2012). Planning for interview day Time Planning Structure 9.00 9.45 Registration of candidates shall be done Introduction and welcome in the guest room for candidates and test conductors Availability of refreshments (Aluise 2012) 9.45 9.55 Relevant Planning of Interview 9.55 10.20 Tour of School Campus 10.20 12.00 Practical assessment of candidates that involves teaching task 10.20 11.00 Test conductor introduction and talks 11.00 - 12.00 Test conductors can wait in the waiting room and have refreshments 12.00 - 12.30 Candidates and guests would have lunch in the Guest Room 12.30 - 13.30 Audits and literacy tests shall be conducted. The test conductors shall wait in the guest room until the end of test. 13.30 - 16.30 Formal interviews shall be conducted (Aluise 2012) Letter of invitation QE School UK 5th Feb 2016 Dear Applicant Re: Vacancy for Accounting Teacher Thank you for your interest and application form for the above position. I would be grateful if you attend a formal interview at QE School Campus on 8th Feb 2016 at 9.00 am. You are required to take teaching classes in Accountancy for Class 11. The interview will be with ABC, High School Coordinator; DEF, Teaching Assistant and GHI, Accountancy Teacher. Upon arrival at reception please ask for DEF. The entire interview process is scheduled to last approximately 7.5 hours and will take the form of structured interview (Messmer 2012). You are requested to bring along the following supporting documents to the interview: Marks Certificates of High School, Graduation, Higher Education and other relevant degrees Academic Awards/ Certificates Past job certificates Proof of ID Two passport size photographs Please contact JKL on 0101011010 to confirm your attendance at the interview. If you have any disability that requires special arrangement, please let ABC know about the same. A map with location of the venue is attached (Povah and Thornton 2011). We look forward to meeting you. Yours sincerely ABC High School Coordinator Interview checklist Criteria Details Conduct a job analysis The job tasks, responsibilities, knowledge requirements, abilities and skills required to take the position successfully. Determination of competencies to be assessed by the interviewer The key competencies are identified as activeness, engagement level and communication skills. Select the Interview format and develop questions The format shall be prepared if a behavioural interview, situational interview or a combination of both shall be used. The questions must be developed accordingly (Druhot 2011). Develop Rating Scales The proficiency scale shall be developed that reflects candidates scores. Create interview probes If more information is required for in-depth interview, the probes should be drafted. Pilot-test the Interview questions The persons similar to candidates must be given the list of questions to check if they are clear, precise and meaningful. The questions may be edited as required. Create the interviewers guide A guide, rating form and question booklet must be prepared. Document the development process The stages of practical assessment and formal interview shall be documented (Druhot 2011). Recording/ Letter/ Summary Evidence shall be provided by teacher Role as Interviewer I need to consider issues of diversity and equality so that there is balance in the organizational structure. Notes of answers Interview Questions Notes What would I hear and see if I walked into your classroom in the midst of an interesting lesson? On entering a classroom in the midst of an interesting lesson, you would witness high level of engagement, discussion and enthusiasm among pupils. The students would be clearly making progress with oral and written contributions with a behaviour that supports learning (Kennedy 2013). Why do we teach in schools? Teaching is important for independent learning, gain qualification, enjoyment, enhance the pupils, develop academic skills, improve career prospects, memory development, encourage learning and various other prospects (Kennedy 2013). Can you tell me a situation or strategy you have developed in the past for engaging a group of pupils? As a teacher, it is my responsibility to encourage learning in the classroom. There is no perfect way to handle behaviour of pupils as every child is different. However I have developed a reward system that helps the students in acting appropriately. I assign students with group activities that help in bringing them together. I find the reward strategy to control the behaviour and hard work best for my pupils (Kenned 2013). What are the key qualities and skills that students look for in teachers? Every pupil looks forward to having a teacher who is consistent, unbiased, passionate and has a great sense of humour. The pupils tend to like young people more and who is able to encourage learning with confidence (Kennedy 2013). How do you evaluate success? In my opinion, I evaluate success with regular assessments that helps them in building confidence for the session end examinations. It would help in consistent revision of lessons that avoids last minute preparation. The mistakes can be cleared in regular assessments (Kennedy 2013) Decision Documents Rating scale is developed for making final decision as under: Criteria Weighting Candidate Assessment 1= Somewhat beneficial 2 = An Asset 3 = Important 4 = Very Important 5 = Vital 1 = Not met 2 = Potential to meet 3 = Meets with exception 4 = Meets 5 = Exceeds Job Criteria Criteria Weighting Candidate Assessment Total Score Analytical Skills 4 Ability To Take Initiative/Responsibility 5 Tolerance for weak pupils 5 Past Experiences/ Awards 3 Communication Skills 5 Engagement Levels 5 Adaptability towards technology 5 FINAL SCORE: For calculating the final score, the criteria weighting would be multiplied by candidate assessment. The total scores would then be compared with other candidates and the highest one would be recruited (Wilkinson and Johnstone 2016). Choosing a Successful Applicant Recruiting a candidate is done on the basis of meeting job criterions. The candidate is selected on the basis of practical assessment, interview performance and literacy test. A discussion of every candidate is made among the panel members (Schmitt 2012). A successful applicant Mr. MNO has been recruited for the job of an Accountancy teacher for attending pupils of Class 11. The applicant is chosen as he creates high level of engagement, communication skills, high tolerance, attentiveness and takes initiatives on improving continuously. The candidate not only considers the job of teaching as developing career prospects on students but also enjoys teaching. The fact of enjoying teaching cannot be ignored as he was the only candidate who represented the job as an art. A person who enjoys his job would carve out innovative ways to personally develop his pupils (Schmitt 2012). Letter of Offer QE School UK 9th Feb 2016 Dear MNO, Re: Contract of Employment We are pleased to offer you the position of Accountancy teacher with us here at QE School. We hope you enjoy your role and make a significant contribution for development of pupils. Your employment will commence on 22nd February 2016. This is a permanent position for your job. A three month probationary period will apply to this role. During this period you may receive advice and guidance to become competent with your job. You salary is at a rate of 25,000 p.m. Your salary will be paid on the 3rd of every month. The general working hours are between 8am-2pm. It is expected that you will work an average of 30 hours per week. You are entitled to 20 days annual leave per year of service. A teacher shall not be entitled to sick pay unless a notification is made to the management. A doctors statement has to be submitted in case on longer period of leave (Seglin and Coleman 2015). You are required to undergo medical test such as freedom from infection; interruption of consciousness; vision, hearing and speech; literacy and numeracy and overall health screening (HEOPS, 2016). As an employee teacher, the work-related expense claims that can be made are motor vehicle, compulsory uniforms, self-education, cost of travel between school and home, electronic organisers, calculators, teaching aids and meals. A deduction for the cost of journals and magazines strictly related to employment as a teacher shall also be provided ( 2016). MNO, we would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to QE School wishing you a long and rewarding career with us. Yours sincerely, ABC Panel Co-ordinator Reflection Summary While participating in interviews, I came across certain experiences. There was diversity in candidates in terms of age. The younger generations have come across new ways of dealing with pupils. They are mainly focusing on latest technologies that are well adapted by students. The older generation candidates have some great teaching experiences. The difference between younger generation and older generation candidates was level of enthusiasm. Since the upcoming generation of pupils is more inclined towards technology, a candidate suitable with job criterions with an additional skill of technicality had to be chosen (Reinhard, Scharmach and Mller 2013). Observation Records as Interviewer and Interviewee As an Interviewer The group members helped me in reflecting the role as an interviewer possessing strengths of punctuality and preparedness. I was confident while asking questions to candidate and was able to tie up a non-verbal communication with them. I listened to the candidates effectively and gave judgments by asking non-discriminatory questions. I need to improve on the areas of taking accurate notes (Marr and Cable 2013). As an interviewee While answering the questions as an interview, I had expressive hand movements. I was well presented in terms of dress. The tone was polite, calm and assertive. I did not stammer reflecting good communication skills and high confidence. I need to improve conciseness of giving answers. My answers were too elaborated and there was scope to present it in a formalized and brief way (Ruben, Hall and Schmid Mast, 2015). Usefulness of documents Pre-interview documents The pre-interview documents comprise of methods to short-list candidates, application packs, references and planning interview. The job application pack helps in providing opportunities to potential applicants as it gives a clear image of the vacancy in the organisation. The job application pack encourages participants who are suitable to apply and deters unsuitable applicants for the position (Brighton Hove City Council 2016). The references help in analysing trusted contacts from a former employer. These references help in speaking about technical ability, personality and other relevant skills required for the job. Planning interview helps in framing the structure of the day and room plan that keeps processes clear after the candidates arrive at the venue (Armstrong and Taylor 2014). Interview documents The interview documents comprise of questions, interview checklist and decision documentation. The list of questions helps in testing the candidates if they are suitable for recruitment. The behavioural and situational questionnaire helps in analysing the qualities or skills possessed by the candidate. The interview checklist in planning for advance and there is no need to pause or think (Higgins 2013). Based on the answers provided by candidates, the rating scale is used as decision document. The decision document helps in giving a brief about the decision to be made. The rating scale acts as evidence to the reasons of recruiting a candidate (Yeung, 2011). Post-interview documents The post-interview documents comprise of offer letter, references, candidates feedback and medical checks. The offer letter provides complete information to the applicant selected. The details required by the successful applicant regarding terms of payment, working hours, leave entitlement and various other information is mentioned. It also acts as an evidence of contract of employment. Candidates feedback helps in improvising the questionnaire and skills as an interviewer. Medical checks help in ensuring if the chosen applicant is suitable for performing the jobs and tasks in terms of fitness. Any infectious diseases that are communicable can be detected that pose a risk on pupils (Shouksmith 2014). Report Contribution in interview process As an interviewer, I reviewed the job specifications of candidates. The job description was matched with the potential capabilities of candidates before the interview. A set of standard questions were prepared that was unbiased and helped in comparing technical aspects with other candidates. I further prepared a rating scale for judging the candidates on the basis of their answers on behavioural and situational tasks (Ingold et al. 2014). As an interviewee, I researched about the school on the official website. I gathered information regarding culture and activities conducted at school. I answered the questions with ease and confidence. I did not ramble on about irrelevancies. I contributed favourable ideas as considered ideal for the job. I prepared the answers in a way that articulated my personal self (Raccanello 2015). The documents were prepared in three stages: Pre-interview, during the interview and Post-interview. The pre-interview documents could be improved by planning the structure in a formalized manner with several steps. There is a requirement of separate section of references that the candidates have. It would help in providing a strong base for the panel members if the references are trustworthy. The interview documents such as list of questions could be improved by adding more questions with situational criteria. It would help in developing a practical insight about the behaviour of candidates in real-life situations. In the post-interview questions, the offer letter could consist of more details relating to expense claims. The feedback of candidates after conducting the questions were undertaken and improved. There is a need for more situational questions. While conducting the pilot test, there were some rectifications made in the frame of questionnaire. I pursued questions that were not adequately answered (DeWalt and DeWalt 2011). Yes, I was able to work as a part of the small team. The work was divided among the panel members where everybody was given specific tasks and responsibilities. It is critical to record audio or video of the interview process, therefore notes were made as recordings. Note-taking is not sufficient as it is not possible to write huge amount of data. I showed great interest and participation in the interview planning. I was responsible for preparing introductory notes, list of questions, closing notes and letter of offer. I provided narrative and theoretical devices that were a time-consuming process (Alsaawi 2014). However, I prefer working individually rather than in a group. There were several issues faced due to time-constraints. There was lack of co-ordination and reporting as the other members were available at different times because of which meetings were difficult to conduct. I feel more confident when I plan work myself by breaking the entire project into small components (Bel bin 2012). The list of questions asked at the interview was created with logical reasoning and explanations. The questions were prepared in a way that analyzes candidate for making a good impression within the first 30 seconds of the interview. There was mutual exchange of information so that the interviewee could understand well and informed decision could be made. On conducting the pilot test, the questions were framed in a clear, consistent and easy language that could be understandable by the candidates. As expected, all the interviewees understood the questions clearly and they answered with logical reasoning. I avoided making premature decisions and gave the candidates time to answer appropriately. The questions were prepared keeping in mind the goal of interview that was successfully answered by the candidates. The answers reflected their key competencies, technical capabilities, communication skills and analysing skills. The appropriate answers reflected attentiveness. The probe questio ns determined presence of mind as they did not ask to repeat the questions. Handling the planning stage Recruitment process is critical and I incorporated several steps that helped in carrying out the planning process effectively. Firstly, I defined the nature of job. I gathered content and defined the purpose of job. This analysis formed the basis of a job description and person specification. Secondly, job and person profile was prepared. The document formed from the person specification could then be used to inform the criteria used to shortlist applicants. Thirdly, candidates were shortlisted through internal and external methods of recruitment. Advertisements were genuine and related to the job. They appealed all sections of the community using positive visual images and wording (Robinson 2013). Fourthly, the application process was managed through application forms. Application forms allowed for information to be presented in a consistent format, and therefore made it easier to collect information from job applicants in a systematic way and assess objectively the candidates suitability for the job. Fifthly, candidates were selected by short listing and assessment. The process of short listing involved slimming down the total number of applications received to a shortlist of candidates we wished to take forward to the more detailed assessment phase of the selection process. Interview was conducted for assessing candidates. Lastly, appointment was made by preparing letter of contract, references and medical examinations. Offers of employment were made in writing. Medical examinations ensured health suitable to perform tasks effectively (Robinson 2013). Recommendations for hiring process McKeown provides hiring tips for improving recruitment and planning practices. Firstly, magic bullet questions must not be asked. The questions should strictly focus on getting to know the candidates experiences, attitudes, skills, behaviours and knowledge that reveals capability or potential to be successful in the job position. Secondly, clarification of job position must be made with detailed tasks and responsibilities. The job clarification must be made with various sub-parts that states experience, knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours separately in each section. This would help in providing a better roadmap for evaluating each candidate. Thirdly, candidates must be tested thoroughly. There is a requirement to conduct role-plays, presentation and written test so that the it is easy to differentiate candidates from one another apart from interviewing skills. Lastly, I must involve others in the planning process. I must give equal opportunities and let others participate in major components of the process (Quast 2012). Evaluation of performance as interviewer and interviewee As an interviewer, I gave time to the interviewee for answering. I was successful in providing ease to the candidates. I failed in keeping adequate record of key points and impression of candidates. There was a requirement of a combination of openended and close-ended questions. As an interviewee, I succeeded in expressing self-awareness while discussing negative qualities. There is a thin line while portraying self-awareness and revealing shortcomings. I do not have a people-pleasing mindset that must have impressed the panel members in my opinion. I should take care to maintain time for answering questions and not keep things too elaborate or descriptive (Seidman 2013). Lessons and Recommendations for interview process While playing the roles of interviewer and interviewee, I have evaluated certain issues that must be kept in mind for both the roles. When conducting an interview, it is very important to select the right questions that are not too time-consuming. While answering questions, the time-constraints must be maintained and too much time should not be consumed in a single question. Goals must be set for both the roles that should strictly be linked with the main purpose. Questions and answers must be given in alignment with the main purpose or job position. The end-result is important. Hurried behaviour should be avoided and the right person has to be selected. It is critical to look for references as it helps in easing the interviewing process. Flexibility is the key and is required both for interviewer and interviewee (Tipton et al. 2016). References Alsaawi, A., 2014. A Critical Review of Qualitative Interviews.European Journal of Business and Social Sciences, [online] 3(4), pp.149-156. Available at: Aluise, J., 2012.The Physician as Manager. New York, NY: Springer New York. Armstrong, M. and Taylor, S., 2014.Armstrong's handbook of human resource management practice, 13th edition. London: Kogan Page. Belbin, R., 2012.Team roles at work. Oxford: Butterworth-Heinemann. Brighton Hove City Council, 2016.Job Application Pack. [online] Available at: [Accessed 6 Feb. 2016]. DeWalt, K. and DeWalt, B., 2011.Participant observation. Lanham, Md.: Rowman Littlefield. Druhot, G., 2011.Your next interview. [United States]: Xlibris. Enelow, W. and Goldman, S., 2015.Insider's guide to finding a job. Indianapolis, IN: JIST Works. HEOPS, 2016.Trainee Teachers Standards of medical fitness to train. [online] pp.1-2. Available at: [Accessed 6 Feb. 2016]. Higgins, M., 2013.Interview checklist: how to prepare. [online] the Guardian. Available at: [Accessed 6 Feb. 2016]., 2016.EIM70755 - Tax treatment of teachers, lecturers and tutors: school teachers' expenses: travelling expenses: supply teachers. [online] Available at: [Accessed 6 Feb. 2016]. Ingold, P., Kleinmann, M., Knig, C., Melchers, K. and Van Iddekinge, C., 2014. Why do Situational Interviews Predict Job Performance? The Role of Interviewees Ability to Identify Criteria.J Bus Psychol, 30(2), pp.387-398. Kennedy., 2013.Job interviews for dummies. Hoboken, N.J.: John Wiley Sons. Marr, J. and Cable, D., 2013. Do Interviewers Sell Themselves Short? The Effects of Selling Orientation on Interviewers' Judgments.Academy of Management Journal, 57(3), pp.624-651. Messmer, M., 2012.Human resources kit for dummies. Hoboken, N.J.: Wiley. Povah, N. and Thornton, G., 2011.Assessment centres and global talent management. Farnham: Gower. Quast, L., 2012.4 Ways To Improve Your Hiring Process. [online] Available at: [Accessed 6 Feb. 2016]. Raccanello, D., 2015. Students' Expectations About Interviewees' and Interviewers' Achievement Emotions in Job Selection Interviews.Journal of Employment Counseling, 52(2), pp.50-64. Ratcliffe, R., 2014.Top 10 questions teachers are asked at job interviews. [online] the Guardian. Available at: [Accessed 5 Feb. 2016]. Reinhard, M., Scharmach, M. and Mller, P., 2013. It's not what you are, it's what you know: experience, beliefs, and the detection of deception in employment interviews.J Appl Soc Psychol, 43(3), pp.467-479. Robinson, O., 2013. Sampling in Interview-Based Qualitative Research: A Theoretical and Practical Guide.Qualitative Research in Psychology, 11(1), pp.25-41. Ruben, M., Hall, J. and Schmid Mast, M., 2015. Smiling in a Job Interview: When Less Is More.The Journal of Social Psychology, 155(2), pp.107-126. Schmitt, N., 2012.The Oxford handbook of personnel assessment and selection. New York: Oxford University Press. Seglin, J. and Coleman, E., 2015.The AMA handbook of business letters. New York: AMACOM. Seidman, I., 2013.Interviewing as qualitative research. New York: Teachers College Press. Shouksmith, G., 2014.Assessment through interviewing. Oxford [England]: Pergamon Press. Tipton, E., Fellers, L., Caverly, S., Vaden-Kiernan, M., Borman, G., Sullivan, K. and De Castilla, V., 2016. Site Selection in Experiments: An Assessment of Site Recruitment and Generalizability in Two Scale-up Studies.Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness, pp.00-00. Wilkinson, A. and Johnstone, S., 2016.Encyclopedia of human resource management. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Pub. Ltd. Williams, J., 2012.CIM Revision Cards Marketing Management in Practice. Hoboken: Taylor Francis. Yeung, R., 2011.Successful interviewing and recruitment. London: Kogan Page.

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Seinfeld Essays - Seinfeld, Culture Of New York City, Jerry Seinfeld

Seinfeld There is this particular show that I really love watching on tv. It's called Seinfeld, a show portraying a group of 4 weird New Yorkers as they go on with their normal lives. For me this has to be the best comedy program ever. Why ? Because its different, and what makes it different? Their storylines, it definitely has to be it. If you think about it, Seinfeld's storylines are very weird and generally, they don't really have a big angle that other American shows and all Filipinos shows would normally have. They simply show the characters as they are, as they face the New York lifestyle ? that's it ! When was the last time you saw a show where the whole episode for example revolves about a group of people lining up for a piece of bread, or two guys buying in a fruit stand probably never? It's just these four people blabbering on every topic you never imagine people would normally talk about ( such as the episode where they showed a misunderstanding between two women that started from a simple non sharing of toilet paper in the restroom.) ? Maybe that's the secret of Seinfeld's success, of it being really funny and very amusing to watch, it's basically the simplicity and the weirdness of the show's storylines that makes it click with the viewers. It's just a pity that the cast decided to dissolve the show. They left their show while it was at it's peak, just like the way Michael Jordan left basketball to retire. Their show was the constant top rater and garnered the most advertisement. I even read in a newspaper that the network which showed Seinfeld , even offered each of the main characters something like a million pesos per episode, just for them to continue the show. But I guess they were already filthy rich by then to be tempted by the huge pay? and there goes Sienfeld. Film and Cinema

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Is the Banana Republic Credit Card Right For You Full Review

Is the Banana Republic Credit Card Right For You Full Review SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips The Banana Republic credit card is a solid option for frequent shoppers looking to earn points, but like many store brand cards, it’s not without it’s pitfalls. You may be wondering: what are the pros and cons of the Banana Republic credit card? Do I have to be a frequent shopper at Banana Republic to reap any benefits? What do users say about this card, and how does it stack up against similar cards? Is this card right for me? In this post, we’ll answer all these questions and more, doing an in-depth review of the Banana Republic credit card so you can make a fully informed decision about whether or not to apply. What Is the Banana Republic Credit Card? First, let’s discuss the basics. Banana Republic is one of the brands under the Gap, Inc. umbrella, which also includes The Gap, Old Navy, and Athleta. There are technically two Banana Republic cards: the Bananacard and the Banana Republic Visa Card. When you sign up, depending on your credit, you'll be given one of them. If you have poor to limited credit, you’ll be given the Bananacard. The Bananacard is a basic store card. A store card works like a credit card except it can only be used at the brand or umbrella brands that issues it. It won’t work if you try to use it to purchase anything anywhere else. So the Bananacard can only be used in-store or at any of the other Gap Inc. brands. If you have good credit, you’ll be given the the Banana Republic card. The Banana Republic card is an actual Visa credit card, so it can be used at any of those stores but also be anywhere else Visa is accepted. It’s a chip card with standard fraud protection services, and the primary cardholder can add an authorized user. Regardless of the card you get, you will receive 20% off your first purchase at any Gap, Inc. store by signing up. In this post, we will focus on the Banana Republic Visa card and its upgrade, the Banana Republic Luxe card. If you love to shop at BR, this could be a great card for you- but there are a few caveats! What Are the Banana Republic Credit Card Features and Rewards? As stated above, when you open a Banana Republic Visa credit card, you will receive a 20% discount off the first purchase made with that card at a Gap-branded store. Beyond that, each purchase made by the credit card earns points. Cardholders receive: 3,000 bonus points (worth $30) when you make your first purchase outside the Gap, Inc. brands five points for every $1 spent at any Gap, Inc. brand, and one point for every $1 spent elsewhere. no annual fee for the card These points can be used on purchases made both online and in person. If you don’t use the points during the billing cycle you earn them in, they are rolled over into the next cycle for up to two years before they expire. In addition to points, cardholders also receive: access to exclusive sales and events throughout the year at Banana Republic and their factory stores birthday coupons every Tuesday, 10% off at every affiliated store except Banana Republic Signing up for email account updates will get you 500 bonus points, and opting in for paperless statements gets you another 500, for a fairly easy $10 back. One big benefit of the Banana Republic Visa card is the lack of an annual fee. The Banana Republic Luxe Upgrade If the cardholder meets certain criteria, they can upgrade to the Banana Republic Luxe card. These criteria are that the cardholder: must earn 5,000 reward points annually, ie, spend $1,000 or more with it per year, must keep the account in good standing, and must make the minimum payments due. Luxe Upgrade Benefits The Luxe card offers some additional benefits that the regular visa doesn’t, including: a quarterly bonus of 20% of the points earned that quarter (a three-month period, so four times a year), once per quarter, a choose-your-own-sale day in which triple the regular points (15 points per dollar spent or 15% back) are awarded, free three-to-five-day shipping of online purchases at any of the Gap, Inc. brands, and unlimited alterations of Banana Republic merchandise. You have to use your Banana Republic Luxe card at least once per year at a Gap, Inc. store to maintain Luxe status. There is no annual fee on the Luxe card either. Free shipping is a great perk of the Luxe card for online shoppers! What are the Downsides of the Banana Republic Visa Card? The Banana Republic Visa card does have several drawbacks. The biggest downside is that, like most store credit cards, there is a very high interest rate charged on Banana Republic Visa cards, and there’s no reduced rates initially. They have a 25.24% APR, which is actually even higher than the 23.88% average for store credit cards. This means that you absolutely shouldn’t hold a balance from month to month: you should pay off your balance in full each month to avoid very high fees. Secondly, it should be noted that the points do expire after twenty-four months. You also can’t redeem more than 25,000 points (up to $250) in a single billing period or more than three rewards earnings on any one purchase. Together, these limitations make it necessary to redeem your points very regularly in the small amounts allowed in order to maximize your benefits. They do this because this encourages more frequent shopping on your part! Moreover, there is a 3% foreign transaction fee, so this card would not be a good choice to use abroad. Another thing to consider is that some of the promotions and coupons that cardholders receive get â€Å"leaked† online, so you can search for, find, and use the codes pretty easily via sites like Retailmenot. Finally, the card is issued by Synchrony Financial, and customer reviews for Synchrony aren’t that great. Many cardholders report confusing contract terms, slow response times when fixing statement inaccuracies, and bad customer service. However, it’s hard to find good reviews of any consumer financial services company, so take this with a grain of salt. Lots of people open store cards around the holidays to try and save money on gifts! The Bottom Line: Is the Banana Republic Card For Me? If you are a frequent or even a semi-frequent shopper at Banana Republic, Gap, Old Navy, Athleta, or any of the Gap, Inc. brands, this card has a very competitive rewards structure and would be a good choice for you. The 5% cash-back on all of their many brands combined with the lack of annual fee make it good for shoppers looking to save money. Plus, the free shipping and alterations for Luxe cardholders are an excellent perk. Families with children and parents who frequently the many Gap, Inc. brands will find this card especially helpful. However, you need to be able to pay the full balance on the statement every month. Otherwise, with its extremely high APR, it will become more expensive than it’s worth. If you rarely shop at Banana Republic, Gap, Old Navy, Athleta, or any of the Gap, Inc. brands, this card isn’t for you. The 1% points deal on all other purchases is only about average for a credit card, and you should be able to get better deals depending on where your money does go. Note that most retailer cards also have a high interest rate and no annual fee, so these perks won’t help you decide between store cards. But if you don’t shop at Gap, Inc. brands or any other one store or company that often, it’s a better idea to go for a more general credit card anyway, which often offer better financing options for those who need to carry a balance- especially considering that the "point" reward system will not be useful to you, since it's different from cash back. If you're thinking about getting the Gap visa card instead, note that the two cards are almost identical in terms of costs and benefits (very literally- the Gap card has the exact same rewards structure and it also applies to all Gap, Inc. brands). The only exception being on the first Tuesday of every month, Gap cardholders get 10% off at and in Gap stores.

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Relationship Between Deviance and Mental Illness

Relationship Between Deviance and Mental Illness Deviance and mental illness often go hand-in-hand. While not all deviants are considered mentally ill, almost all mentally ill persons are considered deviant (since mental illness isn not considered normal). When studying deviance, then, sociologists also often study mental illness. The three main theoretical frameworks of sociology regard mental illness a little differently, however they all look to the social systems in which mental illness is define, identified, and treated. Functionalists believe that by recognizing mental illness, society upholds values about conforming behavior. Symbolic interactionists see mentally ill persons not as sick, but as victims of societal reactions to their behavior. Finally, conflict theorists, combined with labeling theorists, believe that the people in a society with the fewest resources are the most likely to be labeled mentally ill. For instance, women, racial minorities, and the poor all suffer higher rates of mental illness than groups of higher social and economic status. Further, research has consistently shown that middle- and upper-class persons are more likely to receive some form of psychotherapy for their mental illness. Minorities and poorer individuals are more likely to only receive medication and physical rehabilitation, and not psychotherapy. Sociologists have two possible explanations for the link between social status and mental illness. First, some say it is the stresses of being in a low-income group, being a racial minority, or being a woman in a sexist society that contributes to higher rates of mental illness because this harsher social environment is a threat to mental health. On the other hand, others argue that the same behavior that is labeled mentally ill for some groups may be tolerated in other groups and so therefore not labeled as such. For instance, if a homeless woman were to exhibit crazy, â€Å"deranged† behavior, she would be considered mentally ill whereas if a rich woman exhibited the same behavior, she might be seen as merely eccentric or charming. Women also have higher rates of mental illness than men. Sociologists believe that this stems from the roles that women are forced to play in society. Poverty, unhappy marriages, physical and sexual abuse, the stresses of rearing children, and spending a lot of time doing housework all contribute to higher rates of mental illness for women. Giddens, A. (1991). Introduction to Sociology. New York, NY: W.W. Norton Company. Andersen, M.L. and Taylor, H.F. (2009). Sociology: The Essentials. Belmont, CA: Thomson Wadsworth.

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Trip Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Trip Report - Essay Example The plant should introduce "advance notice" procedures and indicate the exact time of arrival for each truck. (b) Also, it is possible to focus on activity scheduling, which is concerned only with activities directly related to the function: for instance, time of arrival, loading, lab reports, etc. The timing of such activities may have a significant impact on resource utilization and customer service (Chase, Jacobs 2003). The main problem of Quality Control Laboratory is a slow report procedure and work overload. The Quality Control Laboratory can be divided into several sub-units responsible for certain reports. It can increase costs, but it will reduce time and improve service provided. For instance, the laboratory can have the following units: (a) for incoming raw materials to verify the identification and specifications are correct, (b) for WIP and any special request from any production department, and (c) for outgoing shipment. If there is no much work to do, one of the groups could help another one with analyses for outgoing shipment. Again, if the time is stipulated, the trucks will not wait for a long time to test results. The main problems of this level involve (1) product shortage caused by inefficient production ... (a) The assessment of the nature and level of demand for products and services must be accurate, if economic resources are not to be misused. (b) The department should find out, as accurately as possible, present and future customers requirements. (c) Records must be up to date and quickly accessible, particularly where demand fluctuates rapidly. (d) Facility decisions are concerned with how many warehouses and plants Denver should have, and with where they should be located in order to optimize the customer service/cost equation. For the majority of companies it is necessary to take the location of existing facilities as given in the short term. Thus, managers can consider the inventory management problem to be a part of a wider operations scheduling problem. (e) Capacity management decisions will provide a context within which inventories and activities are be both planned and controlled. They will to some extent reflect operating policy decisions, while inventory and scheduling pr oblems might be considered as more tactical issues (Vonderembse, White 2003). Production units and operational departments should be better coordinated according to their functions and performance. It is the task of the department manager and plant manager to coordinate and control production procedures. For instance, an employee on a golf cart can help to coordinate activities on all shifts informing various operators about current changes and procedures. Product Loading Facilities and Operations Poor time management leads to queues and incorrect loading facility. Primarily, the right levels of stock must be fixed. Most firms carry too high levels of stock and any firm which is attempting to reduce stocks must note the factor dealt with under stock or inventory problems. For